Quality Management Documents

Updated June 17, 2015

Quality Management Document Repository

All monitoring organizations within ARB's PQAO are required to either utilize and follow ARB's Quality Management Plan (QMP), Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or submit alternatives to ARB's Quality Management Branch for review and approval.

If a monitoring organization chooses to utilize ARB's QMP, QAPPs, or SOPS with certain exceptions or deviations, a Quality Management Document Addendum must be completed and submitted to ARB's Quality Management Branch for review and approval. (See Addendum Example)

Below are links to repository tables that contain quality management documents, including SOPs, Roles and Responsibilities (R&R) Documents, QMPs, and QAPPs that are utilized by monitoring organizations within ARB's PQAO and other participating PQAOs. Links to specific quality management documents are provided when available. Monitoring organizations are responsible for notifying ARB of any changes and providing updated versions of their respective quality management documents.

Updated icon Note the new additions! The new ARB SOP for Ozone (API 400E/T400) is on the Gaseous Criteria Pollutant page and a new page for Data Management SOPs are linked below. All SOP pages were updated with newly added Bay Area AQMD SOPs.

For further information contact: Michael Miguel, Chief, Quality Management Branch at (916) 322-0960