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The Very Sharp Cut Cyclone, BX-1020, and the latest BAM User's Manuals are now available to ARB staff

The objective of the Air Monitoring Web Manual is to provide standard procedures for maintaining and operating air monitoring stations and detailed instructions for acceptance testing, maintaining, troubleshooting and calibrating specific analyzers or support equipment.

The accuracy and/or validity of data obtained from any analyzer depends upon analyzer performance and operator proficiency. Deviations from the recommended procedures set forth in this manual, as well as in the Manufacturer's Instruction Manual, may result in the collection of invalid data.

Therefore, the station operator must become familiar with the information contained in this manual as well as each Manufacturer's Instruction Manual in order to achieve a minimum level of competence and acceptable level of data quality.

For questions or comments related to these documents, please email the Operations and Data Support Section.

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Number & TypeDocument NameDate PostedFile Size
400 chk Met One Instruments Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor (BAM-1020)03/26/1033.3 KB
401 chk Met One Instruments Speciation Air Sampling System Field Maintenance Sheet08/28/0947.1 KB
402 chk Andersen Instruments RAAS2.5-300 Sequential Air Sampler03/28/0778.8 KB
403 chk Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. Partisol-FRM Model 2000 & 2025 Air Sampler08/28/0914.1 KB
406 chk BGI PQ100 Air Sampler03/28/0746.6 KB
407 chk Magee Scientific Aethalometer07/07/0911.8 KB
408 chk Volumetric Flow Control PM10 Samplers03/28/0754.5 KB
409 chk TSI Model 3871 Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter07/07/0911.9 KB
410 chk High Volume Sampler (MFC)05/31/078.21 KB

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