U.S. EPA SmartWay Verified Trailer Aerodynamic Equipment

This page last reviewed January 9, 2014

Trailers subject to this regulation must either be U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) SmartWay designated* trailers, or be retrofitted with SmartWay verified equipment including low rolling resistance tires and one or more of the following SmartWay verified aerodynamic technologies. The technologies listed are grouped in categories established by U.S. EPA, based on estimated fuel savings values. Fleets may choose to install any combination of verified aerodynamic technologies that adds up to 5 percent fuel savings for dry vans and 4 percent fuel savings for refrigerated vans.

NOTE: This webpage has been developed to provide direct links to information that can assist fleets in complying with the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas regulation. It is not an official U.S. EPA SmartWay webpage, nor is it an endorsement of any specific technologies. For the most up-to-date information provided by U.S. EPA, please refer to the SmartWay Verified Aerodynamic Technologies webpage.

Manufacturer Products
Trailer Gap Reducers (Estimated fuel savings: 1% or greater)
Carrier TransicoldGap Fairing
FreightWingGap Reducer
Laydon Composites Gap Reducer
NoseCone Nose 3-D Gap Reducer

Manufacturer Products
Trailer Boat Tails (Estimated fuel savings: 1% or greater)
AeroVolution Inflatable Boat Tail
ATS - Aerodynamic Trailer SystemsDual Lobe Boat Tail, SmartTail
Kodiak InnovationsBumper Bullet
Slipstreem AerodynamicsShowtime 100 Trailer End Fairing
SOLUS Air Conqueror Packages: 4.9 (WheelCover/AftSkirt/Tail1); 3.6 (WheelCover/AftSkirt/Tail2) 3.4 (WheelCover/AftSkirt/Tail3); 2.4 (WheelCover/AftSkirt)
TranstexRear trailer fairing

Manufacturer Products
Trailer Side Skirts (Estimated fuel savings: 4% or greater)
AeroTech Fleet ProductsBracketless Trailer Skirt
Carrier Transicold Belly Fairing
Fleet Engineers Extended Air Slipper
FreightWingBelly Fairing Trailer Skirts
Kodiak InnovationsAirPlow
Laydon Composites Trailer Skirts 6 or 7 panel
Ridge CorporationGreenWing RAC0002
SA ConceptsAeroSmart Trailer Skirt
Silver EagleMid-Length Skirt, Mini-skirt
SOLUSAir Conqueror Split Skirts: SSR I (12-0-6); SSR II (12-2-6); SSA I (12-4-6); SSA II (14-2-6)
StormblokEkostinger Under Trailer Arrow
TNJRadius Trailer Skirt
Transtex19-36 Skirt; 21.6-36 Skirt
Utility TrailerUSS 120

Manufacturer Products
Advanced Trailer End Fairings (Estimated fuel savings: 5%)
ATDynamicsTrailerTail Rear Trailer Fairing, TrailerTail Trident
ATSIntegrated Automated System (WindTamer with SmartTail)
Avantechs Inc.VorBlade Wing (with Crosswinds Mitigator subsystem)
Nose ConeAeroTrak VG Pro
SmartTruckUT-1; UT-6; TopKit Trailer Tail System

Manufacturer Products
Advanced Trailer Skirts (Estimated fuel savings: 5%)
Aerofficient Aero-slide fairing system (with rearmost telescoping panel) (model ASFS); Fixed side fairing (with landing gear wrap panel) (model FFGW); Fixed side fairing (with landing gear toe in panel) (model FFTI)
Airflow DeflectorDeflector
American Trailer KitAmerican Trailer Kit
AT Clutch Components SupplyTruckfairings.com Trailer Skirt
ATDynamics-TranstexTrailer Side Skirts
Atlantic Great Dane AeroGuard Side Skirt (AGD400-43)
Brean Marketing, Inc.ArrowShield
Carrier Transicold Aeroflex Fairing
CBSSmartWind Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt
Fleet EngineersAdvanced Air Slipper (#034-02290), Aero Saver Trailer Skirt
FreightWing Aeroflex Trailer Skirt
Hyundai TransleadEcoFairing V-1; V-2D; V-2R Skirts; V-2I Intermodal Trailer Skirt
Kodiak InnovationsAeroCurtain
Laydon CompositesTrailerskirt™ Classic 8 panel (TRSK800SA); Classic 7-Panel Trailerskirt™ (TRSK700SA); TS225 Curve; TS248 Standard & Intermodal Trailerskirt™; TS259 Standard Trailerskirt™
Prime Inc.EcoFeather Trailer Side Skirt
Ridge Corporation GreenWing: RAC0003; RAC0012 - Front Radius; RAC0031 - Straight Angle
Silver Eagle Aero Saber
SOLUSAir Conqueror Performance Split Skirts: SSP I (14-0-6); SSP II (16-0-6); SSP III (18-0-6)
StrehlTrailerBlade Model 715
Sweet BottomTrailer Skirt
TransFoil Systems Transfoil
TranstexMFS 23-30 Skirt; 1932H Skirt
Utility TrailerUSS 120A; USS 120A-4; USS 160
Wabash NationalDuraPlate AeroSkirt: TL, TL Straight, TL273, AeroSkirt MAX
Windyne Flex-Fairing

*Previously called SmartWay certified trailer.