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Legal Disclaimer for Guidance Documentation
Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

This page updated March 14, 2012

Legal Disclaimer for Guidance Documentation
ARB’s mandatory greenhouse reporting regulation, which appears at sections 95100-95157 of title 17, California Code of Regulations, is a set of regulations that establishes who must report GHG emissions to ARB and sets forth the requirements for measuring, calculating, reporting and verifying those emissions. ARB staff has prepared the guidance documents on this webpage to describe the regulatory requirements in a user-friendly format. Unlike the regulation itself, the guidance documents made available on this page do not have the force of law. They are not intended to and cannot establish new mandatory requirements beyond those that are already in the regulation, and they do not supplant, replace or amend any of the legal requirements of the regulation. Conversely, any omission or truncation of regulatory requirements found within these guidance documents does not relieve operators of their legal obligation to fully comply with all requirements of the regulation.

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