2016 Case Settlements

This page last reviewed on July 20, 2016.

On this page you will find summaries of cases settled in 2016 in lieu of litigation through the Air Resources Board's (ARB's) mutual settlement program and those that were resolved in civil or criminal litigation. Related case documents may be available upon request subject to applicable exemptions from disclosure under California's Public Records Act.

Senate Bill 1402 (Chapter 413, Statutes of 2010) was enacted as urgent legislation on September 28, 2010 and requires ARB to post settlement agreements containing SB 1402 compliance statements on this website.

Date Settled
2016 Case Settlements
News Releases
Settlement Agreements
(SB1402 Reporting Requirement)
7/16 Bridgeport Transportation and Warehousing Inc. N/A Bridgeport Transportation and Warehousing Inc. Settlement
7/16 United Coach Tours, Inc. N/A United Coach Tours, Inc. Settlement
7/16 Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd, N/A Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd. Settlement
7/16 Mitsubishi Engine North America N/A Mitsubishi Engine North America Settlement
7/16 RS Bus Line, Inc. N/A RS Bus Line, Inc. Settlement
6/16 Constellation New Energy N/A Constellation New Energy Settlement
6/16 Unilever N/A Unilever Settlement
6/16 Mather Bros., Inc. N/A Mather Bros., Inc. Settlement
6/16 Selective Imports Corporation N/A Selective Imports Corporation Settlement
6/16 P. S. Carrier N/A P. S. Carrier Settlement
6/16 Pacific Express N/A Pacific Express Settlement
6/16 Valley Fine Foods N/A Valley Fine Foods Settlement
6/16 ESW Technologies N/A ESW Technologies Settlement
6/16 Prym Consumer USA, Inc. and Odif USA N/A Prym Consumer USA, Inc. and Odif USA Settlement
6/16 Greentec Environmental, Inc. N/A Greentec Environmental, Inc. Settlement
6/16 Nailtiques Cosmetic Corp. N/A Nailtiques Cosmetic Corp. Settlement
6/16 Ramiro G. Cabrero N/A Ramiro G. Cabrera Settlement
6/16 Nunez Transport, Inc. N/A Nunez Transport, Inc. Settlement
6/16 Hypertech, Inc. N/A Hypertech, Inc. Settlement
6/16 Gorditos Transportation, Inc. N/A Gorditos Transportation, Inc. Settlement
6/16 Big Lots Stores, Inc. and PNS Stores, Inc. N/A Big Lots Stores, Inc. and PNS Stores, Inc. Settlement
5/16 Arroyos Transport N/A Arroyos Transport Settlement
5/16 Trimac Transportation Inc. N/A Trimac Transportation Inc. Settlement
5/16 S. S. Skikos Trucking, Inc. N/A S. S. Skikos Trucking, Inc. Settlement
5/16 Alien Transport, LLC N/A Alien Transport, LLC Settlement
5/16 Swift Transportation Co. of Arizona, LLC N/A Swift Transportation Co. of Arizona, LLC Settlement
5/16 TR Industries N/A TR Industries Settlement
5/16 Loew-Cornell N/A Loew-Cornell Settlement
5/16 Imperial Valley Commercial Properties LLC, and Oakview Constructors, Inc. N/A Imperial Valley Commercial Properties LLC, and Oakview Constructors, Inc. Settlement
5/16 Cutex Brands N/A Cutex Brands Settlement
5/16 Cutex Brands N/A Cutex Brands Settlement
5/16 The Plastics Group N/A The Plastics Group Settlement
4/16 Eagle Petroleum LLC N/A Eagle Petroleum LLC Settlement
4/16 Carlton Forge Works N/A Carlton Forge Works Settlement
4/16 Hot Topic, Inc. N/A Hot Topic, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Atlas California Trading N/A Atlas California Trading Settlement
4/16 Limon Trucking, Inc. N/A Limon Trucking, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Eastern Pacific Shipping (UK) Ltd. N/A Eastern Pacific Shipping (UK) Ltd. Settlement
4/16 P&F Marine Co., Ltd. N/A P&F Marine Co., Ltd. Settlement
4/16 Costamare Shipping Company S.A. N/A Costamare Shipping Company S.A. Settlement
4/16 Walmart Stores, Inc. N/A Walmart Stores, Inc. Settlement
4/16 OSM Ship Management PTE Ltd. N/A OSM Ship management PTE Ltd. Settlement
4/16 BC Rincon, Inc. N/A BC Rincon, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Pruner Enterprises, Inc. N/A Pruner Enterprises, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Jorge Soto Trucking N/A Jorge Soto Trucking Settlement
4/16 Competition Specialties, Inc. N/A Competition Specialties, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Buyautoparts, Inc. N/A Buyautoparrts, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Lincoln Transportation Services N/A Lincoln Transportation Services Settlement
4/16 City-Wide Fibers, Inc. N/A City-Wide Fibers, Inc. Settlement
4/16 Classic Cold Lines, LLC N/A Classic Cold Lines, LLC Settlement
3/16 Miracle Transportation, Inc. N/A Miracle Transportation, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Shield Packaging of California, Inc. N/A Shield Packaging of California, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Shell Martinez Refinery N/A Shell Martinez Refinery Settlement
3/16 Lujan Transport, Inc. N/A Lujan Transport, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Midwest Can Company N/A Midwest Can Company Settlement
3/16 Lumber Liquidators, Inc. (03/22/16) Lumber Liquidators, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Gearbulk Norway A/S N/A Gearbulk Norway A/S Settlement
3/16 Zanotti, S.P.A. N/A Zanotti, S.P.A. Settlement
3/16 Cruz Industrial Truck, Inc. N/A Cruz Industrial Truck, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Superior Truck Lines, Inc. N/A Superior Truck Lines, Inc. Settlement
3/16 DVBE Trucking and Construction Co., Inc. N/A DVBE Trucking and Construction Co., Inc. Settlement
3/16 Generac Power Systems, Inc. N/A Generac Power Systems, Inc. Settlement
3/16 Consolidated Container Company, LP N/A Consolidated Container Company LP Settlement
3/16 Target Corporation N/A Target Corporation Settlement
3/16 California Environmental Solutions, Inc. N/A California Environmental Solutions, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas N/A Freeport Mc MoRan oil & Gas Settlement
2/16 Whole Foods Market California, Inc., and Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Food Markets, Inc. N/A Whole Foods Market California, Inc., and Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Food Markets, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Liberty Auto Transport, Inc. N/A Liberty Auto Transport, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Kamal Trucking Corporation N/A Kamal Trucking Corporation Settlement
2/16 Trafficanda Egg Ranches, Inc. N/A Trafficanda Egg Ranches, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Mitch Brown Construction, Inc. N/A Mitch Brown Construction, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Rust and Sons Trucking, Inc. N/A Rust and Sons Trucking, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Agradora Investments N/A Agradora Investments Settlement
2/16 Skyline Transportation, Inc. N/A Skyline Transportation, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Tom's Equipment Rental N/A Tom's Equipment Rental Settlement
2/16 ExxonMobil Oil Corporation N/A ExxonMobil Oil Corporation Settlement
2/16 Piazza Trucking, Inc. N/A Piazza Trucking, Inc. Settlement
2/16 Filo America N/A Filo America Settlement
2/16 Synergy Maritime Private, Ltd. N/A Synergy Maritime Private, Ltd. Settlement
2/16 Western Central Produce, Inc. N/A Western Central Produce, Inc. Settlement
2/16 American Golf Corporation N/A American Golf Corporation Settlement
2/16 Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation N/A Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation Settlement
2/16 Basra Trucking, Inc. N/A Basra Trucking, Inc. Settlement
1/16 TCH Trucking, Inc. N/A TCH Trucking, Inc. Settlement
1/16 JIB United Transport N/A JIB United Transport Settlement
1/16 Agricola Baja Best N/A Agricola Baja Best Settlement
1/16 Sandslide Materials Corporation N/A Sandslide Materials Corporation Settlement
1/16 Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. N/A Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. Settlement
1/16 MP Environmental Services, Inc. N/A MP Environmental Services, Inc. Settlement
1/16 LeMans Corporation N/A LeMans Corporation Settlement
1/16 Ross Stores, Inc. N/A Ross Stores, Inc. Settlement
1/16 McLaughlin Engineering & Mining, Inc. N/A McLaughlin Engineering & Mining, Inc..Settlement
1/16 Marvin E. Wright Trucking, Inc. N/A Marvin E. Wright Trucking Inc. Settlement
1/16 Ojas Ayurveda LLC dba Ojas Naturals N/A Ojas Ayurveda LLC dba Ojas Naturals Settlement
1/16 Eduardo Palacios N/A Eduardo Palacios Settlement
1/16 Eastgate Trans, Inc. N/A Eastgate Trans, Inc. Settlement


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Details about case settlements are available by contacting the ARB. For further information about this program, please contact the Enforcement Division at (916) 322-7061 or visit our Enforcement Contacts page for information regarding specific programs.