Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP)

This page last reviewed February 2, 2016.

Vehicle Eligibility Information

Which hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses are eligible for a voucher?

Please visit http://www.californiahvip.org/eligible-vehicles for a current list of eligible vehicles and voucher amounts. The list will be updated as new vehicles are added.

How does a manufacturer request adding a vehicle to the List of Eligible Vehicles?

ARB is responsible for reviewing vehicle eligibility applications submitted by manufacturers and making eligibility determinations. HVIP provides funding for fully commercialized vehicles. Demonstration vehicles still in the demonstration or evaluation stage are not eligible for the HVIP. (See other funding options that may be available in the advanced technology demonstration section of this website.) The HVIP application and submittal instructions are provided below.

  • Application Submittal Instructions
  • HVIP Vehicle Eligibility Applications for Vehicle Manufacturers   
    • Hybrid Vehicle Application (PDF- 163KB)
    • Zero-Emission Vehicle Application (PDF- 119KB)
    • Aerial Boom Vehicle Application (PDF- 133KB)

For more information regarding the HVIP, please visit http://www.californiahvip.org or contact Ryan Murano of ARB at ryan.murano@arb.ca.gov or tel: (916) 322-2383.

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