Bus Programs

This page last reviewed July 19, 2010

This page lists links to Air Resources Board bus programs.

School Bus Lower-Emission School Bus Program

The ARB staff, in coordination with the California Energy Commission and the local air pollution control districts, have developed guidelines to establish a Lower-Emission School Bus Program. The guidelines provide criteria for the purchase of new school buses and retrofits of existing school buses to reduce particulate matter emissions. The bus replacements and retrofits of existing school buses will reduce school children's exposure to harmful diesel exhaust emissions. Sign up for the e-mail list.

School Bus Idling Program

Contains information about the School Bus Idling airborne toxic control measure (ATCM). Sign up for the e-mail list.

Transit Buses

View information regarding the ARB's efforts to reduce both criteria pollutant emissions and exposure to toxic air contaminants from urban buses. The regulation affects both public transit operators and heavy-duty engine manufacturers. Sign up for the Urban Bus or Transit Fleet Vehicles e-mail list.

Zero-Emission Buses

The Zero Emission Bus (ZBus) Regulation is designed to encourage the operation and use of zero emission buses in urban bus fleets. The ZBus Regulation is part of the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies, which is also referred to as the Public Transit Agencies Regulation. Sign up for the e-mail list.