The Carl Moyer Program: 2012-2013 Multidistrict Solicitation

This page last reviewed May 1, 2013

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2012-2013 Multidistrict Solicitation

The Carl Moyer Program provides monetary grants for the incremental cost of cleaner than required technology. Section 44286 of the Health and Safety Code gives ARB the authority to reserve up to ten percent of Carl Moyer Program funding for projects that are multidistrict in nature.  This year there are approximately $5.96 million of state funds available.

1. What projects are eligible for funding this year?
A portion (50 percent) of the 2012-2013 multidistrict funds has been committed to the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) to fund multidistrict projects, and the remaining portion has been allocated towards the Carl Moyer Truck Improvement/Modernization Benefitting Emission Reductions (TIMBER) program.

2. What is the TIMBER program?
This pilot phase of the TIMBER program will use criteria from the Carl Moyer On-Road Fleet Modernization and Voucher Incentive Program guidelines to implement an on-road heavy-duty program, specific to the replacement of logging trucks.  The goal of the program is to provide incentive funding opportunities for any fleet utilizing the Truck and Bus Regulation log truck phase-in replacement option.  In order to be eligible for funding, fleet owners will be required to have selected this compliance option using the Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance, and Reporting System (TRUCRS) and be compliant throughout the voucher term.  The TIMBER program will provide vouchers up to $60,000 per new model year 2010 vehicle replacement.

3. Who can apply for 2012-13 Multidistrict funds?
Eligible applicants for the 2012-2013 Multidistrict Project Solicitation are Air Quality Management Districts and Air Pollution Control Districts that are willing and able to administer the TIMBER program.  Click here for the solicitation package (including application).

4. When are the applications due?
The multidistrict applications are due no later than 5:00 P.M. on May 14, 2013. Applications must be mailed or hand delivered to:

U.S. Postal Service Deliveries

Hand Deliveries and Common Carrier

Dinh Quach
Air Resources Board
9480 Telstar Ave, Suite 4
El Monte, CA 91731

Aaron  Hilliard
Air Resources Board
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95812


Dinh Quach
Air Resources Board
9258 Telstar Avenue
El Monte, CA 91731

6. Who do I contact if I have more questions about Multidistrict Solicitation or the TIMBER program?
For more information relating to the TIMBER program, please contact Aaron Hilliard at (916)322-4781 or  For questions relating to the administration and processing of this solicitation, please contact Dinh Quach at (626) 350-6485 or .


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