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What if I am Unable to Comply?

The Economic Hardship Extension is a last resort for fleets that were out of compliance for 2014 and have exhausted all of their compliance options. Fleet owners will need to prove they are financially unable to comply with rule requirements.

Take our questionnaire to see if you qualify for the Economic Hardship Extension. Eligibility does not mean automatic approval.

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Latest Updates

Regulatory & Reporting

Click here for new Information about the Amendments and the Economic Hardship Extension! Updated September 12, 2014.

See the September 12, 2014 Advisory

See the June 27, 2014 Advisory
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Incentive Programs

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Information for Prop 1B fleets that are concerned about not having their replacement vehicles by the end of 2014.

Training & Outreach

-Watch Driving a Better California - a 30-minute television program about Air Quality Regulations


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Hot Topics

 I heard there is a new extension until 2018, is this true?

I want to purchase a truck which is currently using an extension or credit. Would I be able to use the same extension or credit and keep the same compliance deadline after the purchase?

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