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List of News Releases for the year 2014

Release Date Title
11-20-2014 Three petroleum suppliers fined for gasoline that violated California air quality regulations
11-19-2014 Statement on California and Quebec joint cap-and-trade auction postponement
11-17-2014 Air Resources Board to crack down on Fresno’s dirty big-rigs
11-10-2014 Chevron Corp. fined $329,700 for violating California’s gasoline regulation
11-03-2014 AVISO A LA PRENSA: El Consejo de Recursos Atmosf√©ricos regresa al este de Los √Āngeles para realizar inspecciones de camiones pesados
11-03-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board cracks down on polluting trucks in East Los Angeles area
10-23-2014 ZEV states announce national sales of electric vehicles have surpassed 250,000
10-21-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: CoolCalifornia City Challenge awards, prize money presented
10-21-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board to crack down on Imperial County trucks
10-23-2014 Ten cities honored for efforts by households to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
10-20-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Largest ever showcase of zero-emission cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses to highlight landmark announcement at Air Resources Board hearing
10-14-2014 Millions of households to receive the California Climate Credit in their October/November electric bill
10-09-2014 El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos adoptó directrices provisionales para invertir ganancias de Límites e Intercambios de bonos de emisiones en las comunidades más desfavorecidas de California
10-08-2014 ARB fines MV Transportation, Inc. subsidiary Vallejo Citizens Transit $388,000
10-07-2014 El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos busca nominaciones para premio principal de California de aire limpio y clima
10-01-2014 Air Resources Board seeks nominations for premier California clean air and climate award
09-18-2014 Air Resources Board adopts interim guidelines for investing cap-and-trade proceeds in California’s most disadvantaged communities
09-18-2014 California and Quebec announce first joint cap-and-trade auction
09-17-2014 Air Resources Board fines 24 consumer products companies for air quality violations
09-11-2014 Major performance parts retailer fined $599,000 for offering illegal aftermarket parts for sale in California
09-10-2014 H&S Performance fined $1 million for offering illegal aftermarket parts for sale in California
09-02-2014 California Air Resources Board now accepting applications for CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards Program
08-28-2014 Los Angeles County Department of Public Works fined $256,000 for violating air pollution laws
08-27-2014 Beverage distributor fined $116,400 for air quality violations
08-21-2014 Air Resources Board releases results for eighth cap-and-trade carbon allowance auction
08-08-2014 ARB aprobó plan de financiamiento para vehículos bajos en carbono y de cero emisiones
07-31-2014 California agencies roll out red carpet for hydrogen electric vehicles
07-24-2014 ARB fines manufacturer of indoor air purifiers $120,000 for violations of air quality regulations
07-24-2014 ARB fines manufacturer $278,000 for air quality violations tied to sales of cleaning wipes
07-21-2014 Long Beach company agrees to pay $254,100 fine for greenhouse gas emissions
06-27-2014 ARB fines manufacturer $507,000 for air quality violations for offering uncertified generators for sale
06-26-2014 ARB approves funding plan for low-carbon, zero-emission vehicles; improves ‚Äėcar scrap‚Äô program
06-26-2014 19 Consumer Products Companies fined for air quality violations
06-24-2014 Ciudades en California ganan $50,000 en concurso estatal para reducir el carbono
06-13-2014 New online tool reveals information about California electric vehicle market
06-10-2014 California cities win $50,000 in statewide carbon-cutting contest
06-10-2014 Air Resources Board Chairman praises market debut of latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
06-03-2014 Québec and California announce plans for joint auction of greenhouse gas emission allowances
06-02-2014 La Presidenta del Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos pone vista hacia estrategia regional con relación a las reglas propuestas por EPA de los EE.UU. para las plantas de energía
06-02-2014 Air Resources Board fines JR Custom Harvesting Company et al $141,000
06-02-2014 Air Resources Board Chairman looks forward to regional approach to proposed U.S. EPA power plant rules
06-02-2014 Unilever fined $362,500 for sales of hair products that violate California’s air pollution laws
05-29-2014 8 state alliance releases plan to put 3.3 million zero emission vehicles on the road
05-28-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Media conference call about an unprecedented Multi-State Action Plan to put 3.3 million ZEVs on America’s roads
05-22-2014 California Air Resources Board approves first AB 32 Scoping Plan Update
05-21-2014 Air Resources Board releases results for seventh cap-and-trade carbon allowance auction
05-21-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board to showcase past, present and future of vehicle emissions measurement technology
05-16-2014 Updated California climate action plan builds on successful programs, economic growth
05-14-2014 Newest greenhouse gas emissions inventory shows California on course to lower carbon growth economy
04-30-2014 El éxito del proyecto estatal de reembolsos por vehículos limpios ocasiona un aumento en financiamiento
05-06-2014 Diesel truck and bus fleets fined for California air quality violations
04-30-2014 Ford Motor Company fined $2.96 million for sales of non-compliant On-Board Diagnostic systems in California
04-29-2014 California joins H‚āāUSA to advance hydrogen transportation
04-28-2014 ARB aprueba cambios para el Reglamento de Camiones y Autobuses de California
04-25-2014 ARB adopts changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation
04-25-2014 Air Resources Board approves amendments strengthening California’s cap-and-trade regulation, adds new offset protocol
04-25-2014 Success of state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project prompts increased funding
04-22-2014 Three receive California’s premier air quality award
04-14-2014 Diez ciudades competir√°n para recibir el t√≠tulo de la Ciudad M√°s ‚ÄúCool‚ÄĚ de California
04-09-2014 Air Resources Board approves first cap-and-trade forestry compliance offset project in California
04-07-2014 El éxito del proyecto estatal de reembolso por vehículos limpios ocasiona la creación de una lista de espera
04-04-2014 Ten cities vie to be crowned ‚ÄúCoolest California City‚ÄĚ
04-03-2014 Tool unveiled to help local governments evaluate how their land use and transportation strategies impact vehicle miles traveled
04-01-2014 FleetPride Inc. to pay $418,500 penalty for violating California air pollution laws
03-31-2014 CPUC and ARB announce the California Climate Credit, cutting electricity bills for millions of households
03-28-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: CPUC and ARB to announce the California Climate Credit
03-28-2014 Success of state’s clean vehicle rebate project prompts waiting list
03-28-2014 Air Resources Board hails Obama Administration initiative on methane
03-19-2014 SK Innovation Co. Ltd. fined $790,000 for selling uncertified diesel particulate filters
03-13-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Renowned expert to speak on the costs and benefits of environmental regulations
03-11-2014 Shippers fined $476,750K for violating fuel regulation
03-11-2014 ARB revela los cambios propuestos para el Reglamento de Camiones y Autobuses de California
03-06-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Zero Emission Vehicles featured at CalEPA building
03-06-2014 ARB unveils proposed changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation
03-03-2014 The California Air Resources Board applauds announcement of final Tier 3 regulations
02-24-2014 Air Resources releases results for sixth cap-and-trade carbon allowance auction
02-18-2014 Air Resources Board teaming with U.S. EPA and NHTSA to develop next generation of heavy duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards
02-14-2014 ARB takes action against cap-and-trade program bidding violations
02-12-2014 La versión actualizada del Plan de Alcance para el proyecto de la ley AB 32 refuerza el marco de California para cambio ambiental
02-11-2014 MEDIA ADVISORY: Ceremony to recognize California's most sustainable small businesses
02-10-2014 Updated AB 32 Scoping Plan builds on California's framework for climate action
01-31-2014 Se invitan a todas las ciudades del estado a reducir su impacto de carbono en el segundo concurso de ‚ÄúCoolCalifornia City Challenge‚ÄĚ
01-30-2014 Cities statewide are invited to cut carbon footprint in second CoolCalifornia City Challenge
01-27-2014 Air Resources Board issues nearly $1 million in fines for failures to report greenhouse gas emissions
01-24-2014 Cleaning products manufacturer and distributor fined $113,000 for air quality violations
01-22-2014 California small businesses recognized for implementing climate-smart strategies
01-08-2014 Monóxido de carbono puede ser mortal en lugares cerrados
01-08-2014 Carbon monoxide can be deadly in enclosed rooms
01-07-2014 Study links wildfire smoke exposure to reduced immune system function
12-17-2013 Se aproxima fecha límite para registrar instalaciones de refrigeración
12-17-2013 Deadline to register refrigeration systems approaches
12-11-2013 Husqvarna Professional Products fined $1,038,000 for sales of uncertified engines in California
12-09-2013 State’s free carbon footprint calculator ready for download in Google Play and iTunes
12-06-2013 Air Resources Board Chairman Mary D. Nichols congratulates Quebec on first carbon allowance auction
11-22-2013 Air Resources releases November cap-and-trade auction results
11-19-2013 California Air Resources Board rolls out its free, real-time air pollution mobile website statewide
11-18-2013 AVISO A LA PRENSA: El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos en Lake Elsinore para inspeccionar camiones pesados
11-18-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board visits Lake Elsinore for big rig inspections
11-18-2013 Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos anuncia planes de cambios al Reglamento de Camiones y Autobuses de California
11-14-2013 ARB announces planned changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation
11-13-2013 First California carbon offsets approved under Forestry Protocol

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