California Code of Regulations Titles 13 and 17 for CARB

This page last reviewed January 14, 2014

The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) Office of Legal Affairs superintends the rulemaking process for the Board.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide direct links to these individual sections resident on the official California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) website. To access the "official" text for each CCR, please go to the OAL website select either Title 13 or 17, and then select "Division 3 - Air Resources (Board)" to find the current text of all ARB regulations.

To locate regulatory language on the ARB's website and the rulemaking documents that lead up to the rulemaking, please go to the specific program area on interest.  One fast way of finding this top program page is to visit our A - Z Index website.

If you have any questions regarding ARB regulations, please contact ARB's Legal Office at (916) 322-2884.