Children's Health and Exposure Research

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The Children's Health and Exposure Research Page provides information on projects specific to children. Children may be more vulnerable to harmful impacts from air pollutants than adults for several reasons. They breathe in more air than adults do, relative to their body size, and have greater metabolic and growth requirements. They can be more susceptible to impacts from air pollution due to their developing organs and immune systems. In addition, their activities create both health and exposure scenarios that are unique for children. 

The Research Division of the Air Resources Board is involved in a number of studies focused on children's environmental health and exposure. Health Studies include investigations into the long-term health impact of air pollution on children, including asthmatic children. Other studies are focused on the potential role of socio-economic status on children's exposure to air pollution. Studies on exposures common to children can be found under Exposure Studies, including exposure to diesel bus exhaust and exposures in portable classrooms. Other activities and accomplishments related to children include the review of health-based ambient air quality standards which identify outdoor pollutant levels that are considered safe for the public, including children; changes to State law which established specific requirements to examine the impacts of air pollution on children's health; research on vulnerable populations and the adverse effects of air pollution on them; and guidelines on land use that will help keep California's children safe from the adverse health effects of air pollution. Links to the web pages are listed below, including other links of interest in children's health.

You may also browse the Research Projects database for a complete listing off all research projects related to children's health and exposure.

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For more information about Children's Health Research, please contact Dr. Barbara Weller or call (916) 324-4816.
For more information about Children’s Exposure Research, please contact Peggy Jenkins or call (916) 323-1504.