Car and Bus Exposure Studies

This page last reviewed August 29, 2011

Breathing vehicle exhaust increases cancer risk and may exacerbate lung disease such as asthma. To learn more about Californians' exposures to pollutants while driving on California's busy roadways, the ARB funded the first comprehensive study of pollutant concentrations inside cars. Investigators outfitted cars with a variety of air monitors and measured pollutant levels while driving on freeways and arterial roadways during rush-hour and non-rush-hour periods. They found that levels inside vehicles were generally much higher than pollutant levels measured at the nearest ambient monitoring station.

To learn more about children's exposure to air pollution during their school bus commute, the ARB has sponsored the Children's School Bus Exposure Study. The objective of this study was to obtain pollutant measurements inside school buses to provide data to quantify children's exposure to diesel exhaust particulate matter (PM) and other pollutants during their school bus commutes. Investigators obtained measurements inside school buses and at school bus stops under different driving and traffic conditions, using buses with different fuel types.