Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning Incentive Program (AB998)

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Assembly Bill 998 (AB 998) established the Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning Incentive Program to provide financial assistance to the dry cleaning industry to switch from systems using perchloroethylene (Perc), an identified toxic air contaminant and potential human carcinogen, to non-toxic and non-smog forming alternatives. The legislation also requires the Air Resources Board (ARB) to establish a demonstration program to showcase these technologies statewide. AB 998 requires ARB to impose a three-dollar ($3) per gallon fee on the importers of Perc for dry cleaning operations commencing January 1, 2004. This fee will increase one-dollar ($1) per gallon per year from 2005 through 2013. As required by the legislation, the majority of the funds collected by the fee will be used to provide $10,000 grants to assist dry cleaners in switching to non-toxic and non-smog forming cleaning technologies such as wet cleaning and carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning. The balance of funds will be used to establish the demonstration program.

Additional information can be downloaded below:

Grant Program

The grant program for the dry cleaning industry began in August 2004. The program provides $10,000 grants to any eligible dry cleaners in the state that is willing to transition from the use of Perc machines to alternative non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies such as water-based and CO2 cleaning systems.
To apply for a grant, please read the grant guidelines and complete the grant application below. ARB has also included a list of vendors and suppliers of these non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies, and a list of past grant award recipients.

Demonstration Program

The objective of the demonstration program is to provide dry cleaners an opportunity to view the operations at various demonstration sites, provide technical assistance and training, and educate them on the benefits, costs, and overall effectiveness of the technologies. Demonstration sites ultimately will, in turn, create the regional and statewide infrastructure necessary for the long-term diffusion of these technologies.

If you are interested in conducting a demonstration program, please read the demonstration program guidelines to determine if you meet the requirements.

Additional Financial Assistance Programs

The following list of companies offer financing options for small businesses through grants, small business loans, credit lines, and cash advances.  This list is not meant to imply ARB endorsement or recommendation of any kind. Companies not listed here may email us and request to be added. This list is not screened or ranked in any way. Users of this list are warned to use due diligence in evaluating offerings from companies on this list.

Upcoming Demonstration Workshops

Date* Region Location
May 17, 2015 South Coast AQMD Sherman Oaks

*Note: You can download a copy of the workshop flyer below. 

Demonstration Sites
Location Technology Event
Sherman Oaks Water-Based Cleaning May 17, 2015 [flyer] [register] new
West Hills Water-Based Cleaning February 22, 2015 [flyer]
LocationTechnology Event
Carson Water-Based Cleaning September 29, 2013 [flyer
San Mateo Water-Based Cleaning August 25, 2013 [flyer
San Jose Water-Based Cleaning July 14, 2013 [flyer
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning June 9, 2013 [flyer
Mission Viejo Water-Based Cleaning May 5, 2013 [flyer
Novato Water-Based Cleaning April 7, 2013 [flyer
Folsom Water-Based Cleaning March 23, 2013 [flyer
Carson Water-Based Cleaning March 03, 2013 [flyer
Petaluma Water-Based Cleaning February 24, 2013 [flyer
Malibu Water-Based Cleaning January 27, 2013 [flyer
Location Technology Event
San Mateo Water-Based Cleaning December 9, 2012 [flyer
Carson Water-Based Cleaning June 17, 2012 [flyer
Fresno Water-Based Cleaning April 22, 2012 [flyer
San Jose Water-Based Cleaning March 11, 2012 [flyer
Malibu Water-Based Cleaning March 25, 2012 [flyer
Location Technology Event
Placentia Water-Based Cleaning June 26, 2011 [flyer
Novato Water-Based Cleaning June 19, 2011 [flyer
Water-Based Cleaning
May 22, 2011 [flyer
San Francisco
Water-Based Cleaning
May 1, 2011 [flyer
Water-Based Cleaning April 16, 2011 [flyer

Location Technology Event
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning December 12, 2010 [flyer-$15K] [flyer-$20K] [Chinese flyer
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning November 14, 2010 [flyer-$15K] [flyer-$20K] [Chinese flyer
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning June 27, 2010 [flyer]
Los Angeles Water-Based Cleaning June 19, 2010 [flyer]
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning June 6, 2010 [flyer
Alhambra Water-Based Cleaning May 23, 2010[flyer
San Diego Water-BasedCleaning May 16, 2010 [flyer
San Francisco Water-BasedCleaning May 2, 2010 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning April 18, 2010 [flyer]
San Francisco Water-Based Cleaning April 11, 2010 [flyer]
San Diego Water-Based Cleaning March 28, 2010 [flyer
Pletaluma Water-Based Cleaning March 21, 2010 [flyer]
Placentia Water-Based Cleaning March 14, 2010 [flyer]
San Jose
Water-Based Cleaning  February 7, 2010 [flyer]
San Diego Water-Based Cleaning  January 31, 2010 [flyer]
Alhambra Water-Based Cleaning  January 24, 2010 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning  January 17, 2010 [flyer]
Petaluma Water-Based Cleaning  January 10, 2010 [flyer]

Location Technology Event
Santa Barbara Water-Based Cleaning  December 13, 2009 [flyer]
San Jose Water-Based Cleaning  December 6, 2009 [flyer
Beverly Hills CO2 Cleaning  November 22, 2009 [flyer]
San Mateo Water-Based Cleaning November 22, 2009 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning  November 8, 2009 [flyer]
Placentia Water-Based Cleaning  November 1, 2009 [flyer
San Diego Water-Based Cleaning  October 25, 2009 [flyer
Oakland Water-Based Cleaning  October 18, 2009 Evening [flyer
Oakland Water-Based Cleaning  October 18, 2009 Morning [flyer]
Los Altos CO2 Cleaning  March 29, 2009 [flyer]
Irwindale Water-Based Cleaning March 29, 2009 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning  March 22, 2009 [flyer]
Sunnyvale Water-Based Cleaning  March 15, 2009 [flyer]
Oakland Water-Based Cleaning  February 15, 2009 [flyer]

Location Technology Event
Irwindale Water-Based Cleaning November 2 [flyer]
Oakland Water-Based Cleaning  November 2 [flyer]
Los Altos CO2 Cleaning  October 26 [flyer]
Fullerton CO2 Cleaning   October 26 [flyer]
Alpine Water-Based Cleaning October 19 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning October 19 [flyer]
Placentia Water-Based Cleaning September 28 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning  September 21 [flyer]
Sacramento Water-Based Cleaning  August 16 [flyer]
Oakland Water-Based Cleaning  June 8 [flyer]
Sausalito Water-Based Cleaning  May 18 [flyer]
Irwindale EXPO - Water-Based & CO2 Cleaning  May 18 [flyer]
Alpine Water-Based Cleaning  May 17 [flyer]
Fullerton CO2 Cleaning  May 3 [flyer]
Los Altos Water-Based & CO2 Cleaning  April 27 [flyer]
Malibu Water-Based Cleaning  April 26 [flyer]
Placentia Water-Based Cleaning  April 13 [flyer]
Irwindale Water-Based Cleaning  March 9 [flyer]
La Jolla Water-Based Cleaning  February 16 [flyer]
Sunnyvale Water-Based Cleaning  February 3 [flyer]
Tustin Water-Based Cleaning  January 26 [flyer]

Location Technology Event
Santa Monica CO2 Cleaning  October 7 [flyer]
San Diego CO2 Cleaning  September 23 [flyer]
Richmond Water-Based Cleaning  August 19 [flyer]
Fresno Water-Based Cleaning  August 19 [flyer]

Where can I get more information?

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