Dry Cleaning Program - Regulatory Information

This page last reviewed April 8, 2011

On October 14, 1993, the California Air Resources Board (the Board or ARB) adopted two regulations that affect dry cleaners in California. Those regulations are codified in Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, sections 93109 and 93110. Section 93109, the Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Emissions of Perchloroethylene from Dry Cleaning Operations (Dry Cleaning ATCM), sets forth the equipment, operations and maintenance, record keeping, and reporting requirements for Perchloroethylene (perc) dry cleaning operations. Section 93110, the Environmental Training Program for Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Operations (Environmental Training Program), sets forth the criteria for the ARB to approve persons or organizations to provide the training programs.

On January 25, 2007, the Board approved amendments to the Dry Cleaning ATCM and the adoption of requirements for Perc Manufacturers and distributors.  The ATCM for Emissions of Perchloroethylene Associated with Dry Cleaning Operations and Requirements for Perchloroethylene Manufacturers and Distributors will over time phase out the use of Perc dry cleaning machines and related equipment by January 1, 2023

ATCM for Emissions of Perchloroethylene Associated with Dry Cleaning Operations and Requirements for Perchloroethylene Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Final Regulation Order
    This is the regulatory text of the Amended Dry Cleaning ATCM and requirements for Perchloroethylene manufacturers and distributors.
  • Approved List of Manufacturers (Updated April 26, 2007)
    The Dry Cleaning ATCM requires new facilities to operate dry cleaning machines equipped with secondary control systems. This list gives the manufacturers who have had their secondary control systems approved for use in California. Secondary control devices that do not appear on this list have not been approved.


Model No.

Executive Order No.

Date Issued

Bergparma of America, LLC U235, U335, U345, U355, and U370 G-96-014-93109-10a November 12, 2003
Bowe Permac P12, P15, P18, P21, P25, P26, P30, P300, P350S, P536, P546, P575, P5110, PX16, and PX19 G-96-014-93109-13c April 26, 2007
Columbia Columbia MEK 350 G-96-014-93109-11 May 14, 1998
Columbia Columbia ILSA TD MACH-2 Series, TD MACH-1 Series, MEC Series, and PRONTO
G-96-014-93109-18a March 1, 2004
Crown Models F35, F45, F55, F4000, F5000, and F6000 G-96-014-93109-14a May 10, 2001
Firbimatic Firbimatic FM35, FM45, and FM55; Vortex Series Models 40 Plus, 50 Plus, 60 Plus, 80 Plus, and 95 Plus; Axial Series 40, 50, and 60 G-96-014-93109-12b April 9, 2003
Firbimatic Petitie Models 35, 40, 80, and 95; and FM Models 75/80 and 90/95 G-96-014-93109-16 June 27, 2000
Fluormatic Fluormatic Model BT-Series G-96-014-93109-19 August 6, 2001
Forenta Ultima 2000-345 G-96-014-93109-07 January 23, 1998
Greentech Models F4000, F5000, and F6000 G-96-014-93109-20 July 23, 2002
Model 2010-80 G-96-014-93109-15 April 28, 2000
Hoyt Corporation Hoyt Sentinel PERC 65, Sentinel PERC 50, and Sentinel PERC 35 G-96-014-93109-21 December 20, 2002
Lindus West R Series Models 350R, 401R, 600R, and 800R; and Millennium Line Models ML35, ML45, ML60, and ML80 G-96-014-93109-05c May 15, 2003
Multimatic Shop Star Models SS-125, SS-175-5, SS-225, SS-303, SS-385, SS-405, SS-425, SS-505, and SS-605

Legend Models L-305, L-405, L-505, and L-655
G-96-014-93109-01a December 3, 1998
Omega Omega DLH30 G-96-014-93109-03 August 14, 1997
Realstar USA RS 323, RS 373, RS 473, RS 640; M 280, M 340, M 400, M 500, M 700, M 800; T 25, T 35, T 45, T 280, T 340; Ultra M03 Series, Models M-343, M-403, M-503, M-703, and M-803; and Ultra T03 Series, Models T-403 and T-343 G-96-014-93109-09b March 26, 2002
Renzacci Patriot System Models 380, 480, 550, 650, 880 and Planet Series 20, 30, 35, 45, 55, 65 & 80 G-96-014-93109-04b September 22, 2005
Sailstar USA Model P Series G-96-014-93109-17 January 18, 2001
Union Victory 5000 SF-Series Models SF-353V, SF-453V, SF-553V, and SF-803V; Union U-2000 L-Series Models L-353U, L-45U, L-55U, L-80U, L-740, L750, L755, L760, L-780, and L-790; Union U-2000 P-Series Models P-735 and P-740; Victory 5000 Series Models A40, A50, A60, A80, and A90; and Union L800-U2000 Series Models L840, L850, L855, L860, L880, and L890 G-96-014-93109-06f July 23, 2002
VIC VIC 1555 VCS G-96-014-93109-08 January 23, 1998

Environmental Training Program Regulation for Perchloroethylene