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1998 Vapor Recovery Archive

November 5, 1998
EVR Emissions Quantification and supporting data  PDF Format (46K)

October 21, 1998
CARB Responses to CAPCOA Priorities  PDF Format (49K)

October 2, 1998
- California Vapor Recovery Equipment Summary :  PDF Format (5K)
- Outside California Vapor Recovery Equipment Summary :  PDF Format (3K)

October 2, 1998
CAPCOA Priorities  PDF Format (717K)

September 2, 1998
Progress Report to CAPCOA Recommendations  PDF Format (786K)

September 1998
Vapor Recovery Issues Matrix  PDF Format (283K)

July 21, 1998
Bay Area AQMD Recommendations For Phase II Bootless Nozzle Problems
PDF Format (515K)

July 14, 1998
Emission re-test protocol  PDF Format (109K)

July 13, 1998
Executive Vapor Recovery Committee Meeting Summary  PDF Format (16K)

July 1998
ORVR Penetration Calculations   PDF Format (13K)

July 1998
Data Needs for ORVR-Compatibility Economic Impact Analysis
Wordperfect (13K) or PDF Format (11K).

July 1998
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Emissions Quantification
WordPerfect (385K) or PDF Format (27K)

May 8, 1998
Agreements Reached on May 8, 1998 by CAPCOA  PDF Format (237K)

April 3, 1998
Proposed TP-201.2D; Determination of Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) Compatibility of Phase II Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities
Word (53K) or PDF (39K) (procedure not adopted)

March 30, 1998
Vapor Return Path Hydrocarbon Concentration in Vacuum Assist Vapor Recovery Systems Dispensing Gasoline to Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) Equipped Vehicles  PDF Format (3.70.MB)

Workshops, Meetings and Presentations
November 10, 1998
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
- Notice :  PDF Format (52K)
- Presentation :  Click Here

August 11, 1998
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
- Agenda :  Click Here
- Presentation :  PDF Format (67K)

September 9, 1998
The Enhanced Vapor Recovery meeting which was scheduled for September 9th has been postponed.  More information, please  Click Here

July 14, 1998
Postponed Vapor Recovery Public Hearing Item  PDF Format (11K)

July 1, 1998
Cost Effectiveness Analysis for ORVR Compatibility, presentation from July 1, 1998 meeting.  PDF Format (28K)

July 1, 1998
EVR Workshop  PDF Format (215K)

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