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2000 Vapor Recovery Archive

January 5, 2000
DRAFT Uncontrolled Vapor Emission Factor at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities.
PDF Format (7K)

Workshops, Meetings and Presentations
December 13, 2000
Workshop for Vapor Recovery Defects as required under California Code of Regulations, Section 94006, Subchapter 8, Chapter 1, Part III of Title 17
PDF Format (363K)

October 2, 2000
Presentation from the Petroleum Equipment Institute's CONVEX2000
PDF Format (183K) or Powerpoint (2,952K)

July 13, 2000
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Presentation  Click Here

March 23, 2000
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Board Meeting: Click Here
- Board Presentation:  PDF Format (927K) or Powerpoint (5,107K)

January 19, 2000
Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
- Notice and Agenda :  Click Here
- EVR Modules and Emission Reductions Presentation :  PDF Format (77K) or Powerpoint (88K)
- Economic Analysis Presentation :  PDF Format (156K) or Powerpoint (96K)
- Test Procedures Presentation :  PDF Format (328K) or Powerpoint (532K)
- EVR Implementation and DRAFT CP-201 Requirements Presentation :  PDF Format (24K) or Powerpoint (145K)
- Field Testing Results Presentation :  PDF Format (244K) or Powerpoint (2,833K)

Vapor Recovery Program