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2003 Vapor Recovery Archive


Gasoline Dispenser Hose Permeation Workshop on
Thursday, November 13, 2003
- Workshop notice:  PDF Format (59K)
- Workshop agenda:  PDF Format (91K)
- Workshop presentation:  Powerpoint (1,600K)
- Estimated Emissions Calculations:   Excel (20K) or PDF Format (9K)

September 11, 2003
AST Vapor Recovery Workshop
- Announcement :  PDF Format (107K)
- Agenda : PDF Format (7K)
- Presentation : PDF Format (121K)
- Draft TP-201.3B, Determination of Static Pressure Performance of Vapor Recovery Systems of Dispensing Facilities with Above-Ground Tanks :  PDF Format (176K)

September 10, 2003 Revised
Draft Certification Procedure for Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities Using Above Ground Storage Tanks
- Draft CP-206:  PDF Format (625K)
- Draft CP-206 (compared document to July 21, 2003 version):  PDF Format (681K) 
- Draft CP-206 (July 21, 2003 version): PDF Format (886K)

May 27, 2003
E85 Fuel - CARB Research and Development Application Guidelines
PDF Format (162K)

April 9, 2003
200 and 100-Car Matrix Update Memorandum  Word (53K) or PDF Format (23K)

April 7, 2003
All Vapor Recovery Manufacturers/Stakeholders
Proposed Exemption of Some Phase I Components from Identification Requirement PDF Format (122K)

Vapor Recovery Program