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2004 Vapor Recovery Archive


Updated ORVR Penetration Calculations
PDF (34k)

200 and 100 Car Matrix for 2004
PDF (125K)

ORVR Compatibility Deadline Board Meeting on November 18, 2004 
- Rulemaking Documents:  Click Here
- Board Presentation:  Powerpoint (153K)

Revised "15-Day Changes" to October 1, 2004 Staff Proposal to Amend EVR Implementation Schedule
PDF (125K)

Proposed Phase I EVR Training Plan Guidelines
Comments invited through August 31, 2004
PDF (25K)

ORVR Compatibility Deadline Extension Workshop on Thursday, August 19, 2004 
- Workshop Notice (REVISED 8/10/04):  PDF Format (153K)
- Workshop Agenda (8/13/04):  PDF Format (92K)
- Workshop Presentation:  PDF Format (261K)

Unihose Gasoline Dispenser Workshop on
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
- Workshop Notice:  PDF Format (106K)
- Workshop Agenda:  PDF Format (19K)
- Workshop Presentation:  PowerPoint (1,625K) or PDF Format (498K)

Executive Order G-70-203
Postponement of EVR Phase II Deadlines 
- Cover Letter:  PDF Format (148K)
- EO G-70-203:  PDF Format (236K)

Draft CP-206
Certification Procedure for Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities Using Aboveground Storage Tanks
(Rev. 01/21/04) PDF (884K)

Vapor Recovery Program