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2013 Vapor Recovery Archive


Public Workshop to Discuss a Planned Field Study of In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) Overpressure Alarms The California Air Resources Board staff is holding a public workshop to discuss and invite feedback on a planned field study of In-Station Diagnostics overpressure alarms at gasoline dispensing facilities throughout California.

April 23, 2013 Workshop
A workshop notice has been issued to present a draft regulatory proposal for amendments to the Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) certification and test procedures for gasoline dispensing facilities and cargo tanks.

Informational Bulletin
For Service Stations with an Annual Gasoline Throughput of 600,000 gallons or Less.

2012 Vehicle Test Matrices
Several 2012 test matrices of conventional vehicles were prepared to be used in certifying Phase II vapor recovery systems by ARB.

Vapor Recovery Program