Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual

This page last reviewed February 25, 2011

This six volume series, entitled the Quality Assurance Manual, describes the Air Resources Board's (ARB) Quality Assurance Program. The volumes have been revised and amended to include federal regulations presented in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40 - Protection of the Environment, Part 58, Ambient Air Quality Surveillance (July 1, 1990), hereafter referred to as 40 CFR Part 58.  The volumes serve as guidance documents for the operation of quality assurance programs used by the ARB, local districts, and private industry.  The volumes are intended for field operators and supervisors; laboratory, data processing and engineering personnel; and program managers responsible for implementing, designing, and coordinating air quality monitoring projects.

ARB's Quality Assurance Manual is broken into the various topic areas with the volumes themselves presented in Adobe Acrobat format.

Current quality assurance methods and procedures are grouped and presented as follows:


Quality Assurance Plan


Air Monitoring Web Manual - Operating Procedures for Air Quality Monitoring


Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures


Monitoring Methods for the State Ambient Air Quality Standards
- Audit Procedures for Air Quality Monitoring
- Standard Operating Procedures for Stationary Sources Emission Monitoring and Testing