District Look Up by ZIP Code, City or County

If you do not know which of California's 35 local air districts applies to your situation, please enter the ZIP code, city or county and click on "Search." We will then provide a link to the appropriate district. In using these databases, please be aware of ARB's disclaimers.

Perform district lookup:
     ZIP Code (Enter 5 digit ZIP Code, e.g. '95814')
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     City (Enter first few letters of city name, e.g. 'FRE' to find 'FREsno' or 'FREmont')
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     County (Select county.)

To download these databases as comma delimited files, click on the appropriate links below: (Note: Some areas may be served by more than one district.)

zipdis.csv  - ZIP Code to District look up file.
citydis.csv - City to District look up file.
countydis.csv - County to District look up file.