School Bus Retrofit and Replacement Account

This page last reviewed July 11, 2017

Case-by-Case Determinations

Lower-Emission School Bus Program (School Bus Program) case-by-case determinations are published below.

An air district may request ARB approval of a project that varies from the requirements of the School Bus Program Guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

These decisions are posted to assist districts in preparing a case-by-case request. These decisions are project specific and may not be applicable to other projects. Districts should seek the guidance of ARB staff for each determination that is not addressed in the School Bus Program Guidelines and advisories/mailouts.

Year # of Cases Date Last Case Added
20172July 11, 2017
20164October 25, 2016
20151March 5, 2015
20147September 22, 2014
2013 3 August 7, 2013
2012 8 December 21, 2012
2011 34 November 23, 2011
2010 20 December 23, 2010