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California Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool

This page updated February 4, 2014

Cal e-GGRT Logo ImageThe California Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool, or Cal e-GGRT, must be used for submitting GHG data reports.

Cal e-GGRT is available for reporting required GHG data.  For assistance contact

Cal e-GGRT Help, instructions, spreadsheets, and other information.

Contact with name and email for access to the reporting system Training Site.

Archived Cal e-GGRT Training Sessions

These training sessions were provided during 2012 and are still generally applicable for current reporting. Also see the posted regulation guidance and training resources.

Registration and System Overview
A brief overview of registration in the new Cal e-GGRT system and overall system operation
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Detailed Registration Instructions

Abbreviated Reporting: Requirements and Guidance
Requirements and Cal e-GGRT tool use for facility operators using the Abbreviated Reporting provisions
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Subparts C & D
Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources and Electricity Generation and Cogeneration Units
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Electric Power Entities, Section 95111
Electric Power Entity Reporting of Imports and Exports
Slides: Using Cal e-GGRT  1-per page (color)   4-per-page (B&W)
            Reg. Requirements 1-per page (color)   4-per-page (B&W)

Subpart W Reporting - Revised Reporting Template
Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems
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Subparts NN, PP, MM, P
Fuel Suppliers and Hydrogen Producers
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Subparts H, N, Q, S, V, AA
Facilities with Process Emissions (cement, glass, paper, nitric acid, lime, iron and steel)
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Subpart Y
Petroleum Refineries
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SF6 Reporting Using Cal e-GGRT
SF6 Reporting for Gas Insulated Switchgear (not part of GHG Mandatory Reporting)
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U.S. EPA e-GGRT Training

The Cal e-GGRT reporting framework and “look and feel” is similar to the U.S. EPA e-GGRT system. For this reason the more detailed U.S. EPA training materials for specific reporting sectors are helpful for using the Cal e-GGRT system. Also see the ARB Reporting Guidance documents.

Cal e-GGRT includes numerous additions to support cap-and-trade, verification, and other ARB programs. Because of the differences between ARB and U.S. EPA reporting requirements, data submitted to U.S. EPA will not meet ARB reporting requirements. Therefore, separate reporting to Cal e-GGRT is required. Also, additional data elements provided in Cal e-GGRT must be completed.

The previous ARB reporting tool will remain active for generating reports and approved data revisions, but it will no longer accept new data. All data from 2011 onward will be reported via Cal e-GGRT.

For reporting tool questions contact or Patrick Gaffney 916.322.7303

For questions regarding Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting contact the Sector Contact