Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Program

This page last reviewed July 22, 2016

New Online Cargo Tank Certification System

The California Air Resources Board has converted its cargo tank vapor recovery certification process to a new system which can be accessed online.

Please note: As of January 2011, ARB no longer accepts faxed 48-hour notices or certification applications.

With the new online certification system:
  1. 48-hour notices will be submitted by the company performing the test (tester) or owner/operator;
  2. Test results will be submitted by the tester listed on the 48-hour notification;
  3. Certification applications will be submitted by the owner/operator.

Once an application has been submitted by the owner/operator, that particular vapor certificate, the “Certified Copy,” will be available to print within 1 to 2 working days, and in most cases, within hours.

If you do not have an online account, please create one:

Please be aware that the email address submitted to ARB will receive updates for vapor certificates, will be used to retrieve forgotten passwords, and will serve as the main line of communication between the certification staff at the Air Resources Board and your staff regarding vapor certificates. Most importantly, at this time only one account (username and password) may be established per company.

Test Procedures, Laws and Regulations, and Executive Orders

Test Procedures

For access to test procedures specified by Health & Safety Code title 17 for the certification of vapor recovery systems on cargo tanks, please visit our Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Test Procedures web page.

Laws and Regulations

For access to current laws and regulations governing cargo tank vapor recovery systems, please visit our Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Laws and Regulations web page.

Executive Order

To view Cargo Tank Executive Order G-70-10-A, please click on the link at the left (pdf 934K).
For a list of all Vapor Recovery Executive Orders, please visit the Vapor Recovery Program's Executive Orders web page.

If you have further questions about the new online certification procedure or the Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Program, please click on the link to view contact information: Cargo Tank Program Contacts.


Failure to maintain a cargo tank pursuant to CARB emission standards may result in
a violation and corresponding penalties.