Mobile Source Emission Inventory -- EMFAC2011-LDV

This page last updated on January 2013


EMFAC2011-LDV is one of three modules that comprise EMFAC2011.  It estimates emissions for gasoline vehicles, diesel trucks <14,000 pounds GVWR, urban transit buses, and motor homes. It was updated in July 2012 to correct the number of starts in several small vehicle classes in Santa Clara County. All users should download the latest version of EMFAC2011-LDV posted here.

  • EMFAC2011 output is available here.
  • EMFAC2011-LDV cannot be used for conformity assessments.
  • EMFAC2011-LDV does NOT
    • estimate emissions for diesel commercial trucks and buses exceeding 14,000 pounds GVWR;
    • correct CO2 emissions for the Pavley-I or Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulations.
    • account for the Advanced Clean Cars program
  • The official ARB Statewide greenhouse gas mobile source emissions inventory is based upon fuel sales data and not EMFAC2011. However, EMFAC2011 does output greenhouse gas pollutants and may be used to estimate regional greenhouse gas emissions.  For more information click here.
  • EMFAC2011-LDV combined diesel and natural gas urban transit buses into the “diesel” fuel category because both diesel and natural gas engines used in these vehicles are certified to the same emissions standards.
  • Downloads are available for 64 Bit and 32 Bit systems.  Check your operating system before you download.