Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Rule - Compliance Tools

This page last reviewed February 24, 2011

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DECS Installation/Maintenance (aka Retrofit Devices) The DECS Installation/Maintenance page is intended to provide guidance to end users of diesel vehicles or equipment who are interested in purchasing verified diesel emission control strategies (DECS) or (VDECs) to comply with ARB diesel regulations. This DECS installs page contains links to documents and general information that will assist owners of diesel vehicles or equipment in this effort.
Vehicle Labels These vehicle labels may be used by solid waste collection vehicle (SWCV) fleet owners to identify a vehicle's compliance "status" with the regulation or may serve as a template for a SWCV fleet owner to design their own. These vehicle labels meet the in-vehicle record keeping requirement.  Be sure and follow the labeling instructions for proper usage.
Installer's List for On-Road Application The ARB has compiled a list of each manufacturer's installers of verified DECS. Please note that ARB does not endorse, approve, or recommend any of the companies listed herein. The installers were extracted from the device manufacturer's website or the manufacturer provided the installer's name directly to ARB.
Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Fleet Owner/Operator Record Keeping Form This form was developed to aid SWCV fleet owners/operators with the regulation's record keeping requirements. Although this form was designed to satisfy the regulation's requirements for record keeping, additional support documentation may be required to satisfy record keeping requirements. *Please follow the printing instructions on the form under instructions to accurately and adequatly print all sheets of the form.
Municipality Solid Waste Collection Contract Haulers Form This form was developed to aid municipalities with the regulation's reporting requirement that municipalities shall report which solid waste collection haulers perform solid waste collection operations within their jurisdiction.
Frequently Asked Questions This page provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the SWCV Rule.
Vehicle Retirement Process This page is intended as guidance for SWCV fleet owners to insure the proper "retirement" of a vehicle and contains links to documents that will assist fleet owners with proper retirement of a vehicle. Details about the Online VIN Stop Application Request Form is available there as well as how to remove a VIN stop.
Standard Implementation BACT Calculator Form This spreadsheet provides a tool for SWCV fleet owners to use when "calculating" how many vehicles must implement BACT in a compliance year. The calculator will do the math, all the municipality or utility needs to do is "plug in the numbers." This spreadsheet was designed to be used with the standard implementation schedule.
Engine Families The SWCV Rule requires that the "engine family" for each engine in a fleet covered by the regulation be identified. Engine families can be found in the executive order that was issued for a particular engine. The ARB has an executive order look-up available for outside use.