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Financial Opportunities for California Trucks- Transport Refrigeration Units


  Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) are refrigeration systems powered by diesel internal combustion engines designed to refrigerate or heat perishable products that are transported in various containers, including semi-trailers, truck vans, shipping containers, and rail cars. On February 26, 2004, the Air Resources Board adopted a regulation to control diesel particulate matter from TRUs requiring that all in-use diesel TRUs meet specific performance standards. Additional information regarding this regulation can be found at the Truckstop TRU.  

► Am I eligible? ▼ Am I eligible?
  • To be eligible, a TRU must be installed on a truck that meets these minimum criteria:
       - Truck must have been owned and operated in California for a minimum of two years; and
       - Truck must operate at least 75% in California.

► What can I get funding for? ▼ What can I get funding for?
  • Financial opportunities may be available for zero emission replacements. Funding may also be available for an exhaust retrofit that meets the Ultra Low-Emission TRU standard for TRUs with the following engine model years:
       - Model year 2003 or older, or
       - Model year 2007 or newer.
    No opportunities are available to replace or retrofit existing 2004 - 2006 model year TRUs.
    No opportunities are available for diesel replacement TRUs. For TRU engines less than 25 horsepower, please contact your local air district for eligibility information.

► How do I get funding? ▼ How do I get funding?

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