Executive Order G-70-175

This page updated April 18, 1996

Executive Order G-70-175

Hasstech VCP-3A Vacuum Assist Phase II Vapor Recovery System for Aboveground Tank Systems (PDF Format 2,156K)

The above document is also available below in it's 17 subparts:

Legal Language (PDF Format 336K)
Hasstech VCP-3A System Equipment List
(PDF Format 115K)
Specifications for the Hasstech VCP-3A System
(PDF Format 1320K)
Exhibit 2 Figures
Aboveground Tank V/R Installation (Typical) 
(PDF Format 85K)
AST V/R Piping Schematic (Typical)
(PDF Format 102K)
Vapor Recovery Piping Schematic (Typical)
(PDF Format 113K)
Out of Tank Drain Check 
(PDF Format 49K)
Automatic Low Point Liquid Clearing Device (Typical)  (PDF Format 55K)
Processing Unit  (PDF Format 33K)
Collection Unit Detail  (PDF Format 42K)
Control Panel (PDF Format 38K)
Tank Pressure Switch (PDF Format 57K)
Standard Installation  (PDF Format 47K)
Multi-Product Dispenser Installation  (PDF Format 43K)
OPW 11VAI Nozzle, Emco Wheaton A4500 Nozzle and the Husky V34 6200-8 Nozzle  (PDF Format 80K)
Static Pressure Integrity Test Above Ground Storage Tanks (PDF Format 388K)
Exhibit 3 Figures
Vent Pipe Pressure Assembly  (PDF Format 36K)

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