Vapor Recovery - Equipment Advisories

This page last reviewed April 21, 2015

Advisories pertaining to the vapor recovery program for gasoline dispensing facilities are listed below. Please see our complete list of Enforcement Advisories that assist industry to comply with other ARB regulations.

Number Date Title
438 06/17/13 Facility Incompatibility with Certified EVR Systems
419 09/01/10 Policy for Service Stations not meeting the September 1, 2010 In-Station Diagnostic (ISD) Deadline
418 05/28/10 Daily Inspections of Vapor Systems Technologies (VST) Enhanced Vapor Recovery Nozzle.
412 12/17/09 Veeder-Root In-Station Diagnostic Electronic Access Availability of an RS-232 Port Definition
408 11/19/09 EVR-Certified Replacement Parts for Pre-EVR Balance Vapor Recovery Systems
405-C 02/24/15 Response to Winter Season ISD Pressure Alarms
405-B 12/27/11 Response to Winter Season ISD Pressure Alarms
405-A 11/8/10 Changes in How to Respond to In-Station Diagnostics Alarms
405 10/6/09 Amendments to Current ISD Enforcement Policy
402 8/20/09 Policy for service stations that do not meet the September 1, 2009 In-Station Diagnostic deadline
398 8/20/13 Uncertified VST Breakaways in California
393 4/30/10 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Systems for New and Existing Aboveground Storage Tanks
385 3/5/09 EVR Enforcement policy for service stations that do not meet the April 1, 2009 Phase II EVR deadline
374 06/30/08 Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR)-Certified Replacement Parts for ORVR-Compatible Balance Vapor Recovery Systems
373 4/4/08 Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Phase II System Update and Penalties for April 2009 Deadline
372 1/29/08 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Phase II System Update
367 4/20/15 Required Replacement Parts for Pre-Enhanced Vapor Recovery (Pre-EVR) Phase I Systems Installed on Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDF) with Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)
359 2/14/07 Enhanced Vapor Recovery April 2009 Phase II Deadline
357 12/15/06 In-Station Diagnostic System: Veeder-Root In-Station Diagnostic Version 1.01 Software Upgrade
355 10/10/06 In-Station Diagnostic Systems Electonic Access: Availability of an RS-232 Port
343 03/18/15 EVR Certified Low Permeation Replacement Hoses for Assist Phase II EVR Systems
337 06/30/05 VR-102-E,Pomeco Spill Container Part Designation
336 04/15/05 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Implementation Update
327 09/10/04 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Implementation Update
323 04/08/04 Use of VacuSmart and VacuChek Testing Equipment with Gilbarco VaporVac Systems
321 10/29/03 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Implementation Update
196 07/18/01 Implications of Enhanced Vapor Recovery in 2001
194 03/30/01 Gasoline Dispensing Facility - Appropriate Use of TP-201.5 Air to Liquid Ratio (A/L) Test
188 09/21/00 Gasoline Dispensing Facility - Marconi (Gilbarco) VaporVac Phase II Certification
186 05/15/00 Pressure/Vent Valve Recalls
185 05/01/00 Vent Piping for Vapor Recovery Systems
179 11/27/00 Gasoline Vapor Recovery Diagnostic Tools
169 11/12/98 Annual Air-to-Liquid Testing Requirement
165 10/20/98 Gasoline Vapor Recovery - Curley-Q Hose Design
98 09/1993 Use of Large Diameter Nozzle Spout
83 03/1992 Hold Open Latch Requirement
79 12/23/91 Lead in Gasoline
56 10/31/90 Aboveground Tank Vapor Recovery Certification

2002 Implementation of Title 17 List of Equipment Defects