Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GDF) Hose Emissions

This page last reviewed December 21, 2012

GDF hoses in California are part of a GDF's vapor recovery system.   These hoses not only carry fuel from the GDF dispenser to the vehicle fuel tank, but they serve as a return path for the displaced vapor from the vehicle fuel tank back to the GDF storage tank.  ARB has documented that typical GDF hoses are susceptible to gasoline permeation, which contributes to air pollution.  Further, the fittings on these hoses may also be a source of vapor leaks.   ARB is aware of technologies that can address these issues and is currently exploring applicable emissions standards.   All questions can be directed to Jason McPhee.


New Web Page for Current EVR Rulemaking 

There is a new website for the current EVR rulemaking, which will include the proposal for low permeation GDF hoses. This site will include all postings of proposed regulatory language as well as workshop notices and other stakeholder updates.
- EVR Rulemaking Web Page
- Notice of Public Hearing and Staff Report NEW


ARB Presentation at the 2011 Hose Manufacturers' Conference NEW

In August 2011, ARB staff delivered a presentation to the Hose Manufacturers' Conference regarding the development of a low permeation GDF hose standard.  The conference was held in Cleveland Ohio.
- ARB Hose Conference Presentation (PPTX)  
- ARB Hose Conference Presentation (PDF)

Low Permeation GDF Hose Emissions Spreadsheet (July 2011) (xls) NEW

This Spreadsheet is intended to further assist users in understanding the calculations related to low permeation GDF hoses discussed in ARB’s 2011 GDF Fueling Point Population Report and  Appendices 4 and 5 of the initial statement of reasons (ISOR) regarding ARB's proposal to require low permeation GDF hoses.

GDF Fueling Point Population Report (July 2011) (PDF) NEW

GDF Balance Hose Vapor Quality and Permeation Analysis (May 2011) (PDF) NEW

GDF Vacuum-Assist and Conventional Hose Permeation Study (July 2010) (PDF) NEW

GDF Low Permeation Hose Upgrade Cost Report (Rev. July 2010) (PDF) NEW

GDF Balance Hose Permeation Study (Rev. Oct. 2010) (PDF) NEW

EVR Workshop July 1, 2010 

Staff will be presenting proposed regulatory language to reduce emissions due to permeation from GDF hoses. This will be part of a larger presentation of proposed regulatory language for Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR). If you are interested in participating in this workshop or would like more information about it, please visit the curent EVR rulemaking web page.
- EVR Current Rulemaking Web Page

EVR Workshop March 2, 2010

Staff is currently working on a revised proposal to regulate emissions due to permeation from GDF hoses.   Many of the elements of this proposal will be discussed at the March 2nd Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) public workshop.   It is Staff’s intent to include this proposal in a larger EVR regulatory proposal that staff plans to submit to the Board for consideration later this year.   If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please see the notice below for more information.
- Workshop Notice, Agenda and Parking Map (PDF)

Proposal Removed From Board Agenda (April 2009)

The proposed regulation to reduce emissions from GDF hoses was removed from the Air Resources Board (Board) agenda on March 31, 2009.   The primary reason for the removal is that market characteristics for gasoline dispensing within California have been changing significantly due to the April 1, 2009 compliance date for Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) which is applicable to most California GDFs.   For many of these GDFs, the changes include the switching of hoses from balance type hoses to vacuum assist type hoses.   These hose population changes will necessitate further evaluation of GDF hose emissions and emissions reductions from the proposed control measure.   Staff intends to re-evaluate the feasibility of this regulation by August of 2009 and will likely revise and resubmit the proposal for Board consideration in late 2009.   To access documents associated with this rulemaking effort, go to the official   rulemaking page.

GDF Hose Population Report (August 2008) (PDF)

Workshop July 2, 2008

GDF Low Permeation Hose Upgrade Cost Report (July 2008) (PDF)

GDF Balance Hose Permeation Study (June 2008) (PDF)

GDF Hose Permeation Study Review (October 2007) (PDF)